About our Campuses

Get to know the three UAlg campuses: Gambelas, Penha and Portimão.

Distributed over three campuses, UAlg offers a series of support mechanisms for students in different areas such as accommodation, food, mobility, health and well-being, essential aspects for a humanistic experience of the university and for the construction of a unique academic path. 

This is your University, your Campus, your Future. 



Capital of the Algarve region, Faro offers excellent living conditions for all its students. Simultaneously close to the mountains and the sea, and with an airport just minutes away, Faro also has pleasant cultural spaces such as the Figuras and Lethes Theatres, the Municipal Library and the Faro Film Club. Cafes, terraces, bars, shops and a network of urban public transport are other reasons why this city is worth choosing. In addition to its diverse built and religious heritage, Faro is a municipality with a natural setting par excellence, bringing together conditions for the practice of nautical and nature activities.

Comprising two campuses in the city of Faro - Gambelas and Penha - the University of Algarve currently has ample spaces, infrastructures and equipment that provide excellent conditions for study, work, research and socialisation, to a population of around 8,000 students.

Gambelas Campus

On the Gambelas Campus, located six kilometres from the city of Faro, you will find the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (FMCB), the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (FCHS), the Faculty of Science and Technology (FCT), the Faculty of Economics (FE) and the School of Health Sciences (ESS).

Penha Campus

Located In the centre of Faro, the Penha Campus includes the Higher School of Education and Communication (ESEC), the Higher School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism (ESGHT) and the Higher Institute of Engineering (ISE).


A benchmark municipality in the Algarve, Portimão is today a major hub in the Western Algarve. It is distinguished by its tourist offer, its very special pulse and dynamism, and by a diversity of activities that promise an intense day-to-day experience, marked by a rhythm that is maintained throughout the year.

Also a student city, Portimão has developed as a tourist centre in recent decades, thanks to its wide range of hotels, restaurants and shops. The famous Praia da Rocha Beach, as well as others beaches and bays, have greatly contributed to the assertion of this Algarve city as an ideal place for the practice of various water sports.

In Portimão, students have the opportunity to become part of a cosmopolitan community and to enjoy a diverse cultural programme, which includes activities held at the O Tempo Theatre, Portimão Museum and the Municipal Arena.

Portimão Campus

Located in the square at the railway station, UAlg’s Portimão Campus operates as an extension of the School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism (ESGHT) where the courses in management and tourism are taught.