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The multi-sports field of the School of Education and Communication is intended to provide sports services to the academic community and to external users.

The Sports Complex is essentially intended for recreational and competitive sports activities that can be carried out in accordance with its physical and technical characteristics:

  • Handball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Tennis

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The Audiovisual Lab consists of three sequential spaces: room 27, composed of a control room and several assembly islands, ideal for video post-production and the production of live streaming; room 31, a studio-classroom, where it is possible to use chroma-key and teleprompter; and room 32, where there is a radio studio prepared for the production of radio plays and other sound narratives.

O Laboratório das Ciências do Desporto está sediado na sala 58A da ESEC, sala contigua ao pavilhão desportivo. Serve essencialmente para apoiar a lecionação das unidades curriculares do curso de Desporto da ESEC, a preparação ou desenvolvimento de projetos ou atividades de cariz didáctico-pedagógico e a realização de eventos de âmbito académico-científico.  Permite ainda a realização de algumas atividades de investigação, em particular, no domínio científico das Ciências do Desporto e a cooperação de âmbito científico e técnico com outras UO da UAlg ou com entidades públicas ou privadas.

Principais equipamentos existentes no laboratório de desporto (Lab. 58 A)

⇒Accutrend Plus “Cobas” (refª 05208211001 mg/dL)
É utilizado para a determinação quantitativa de quatro parâmetros sanguíneos glucose, colesterol, triglicéridos e lactato.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

⇒ Body composition analyser SC-330 – Tanita.
Este equipamento pode ser utilizado para avaliar o peso e a composição corporal.

⇒Body Media SenseWear Armband
Este equipamento permite recolher e descarregar diversos dados relativos às caraterísticas da atividade física (acelerómetro – 3 eixos) e a parâmetros fisiológicos (fluxo de calor, temperatura corporal, resistência galvânica da pele).

⇒Máquina de lanças bolas de ténis - Lobster Phenom model 1
Máquina de lançar bola de ténis de precisão que permite manipular os diferentes parâmetros da trajectória da bola.

⇒Sistema de avaliação do esforço - T2100- GE Healthcare
Este equipamento (passadeira + sistema de avaliação T2100- GE Healthcare) permite realizar provas de esforço com monitorização cardíaca.

⇒Espirómetro - EasyOne-CS
Este equipamento contém o conector de monitor, os aplicativos de PC EasyWare e CardioSoftTM para o gestão de dados e permite a avaliação de diversos parâmetros ventilatórios (e.g., FVC e FIVC, FEV, MEF, FET, VT, ERV e IRV, VCmáx, MVV).

The Photography Laboratory covers both aspects: analogue and digital, and consists of three spaces.

Room 20, dedicated to analogue, consists of a traditional darkroom, with a dry and wet area, temperature control and fume extraction.

The darkroom has two distinct areas, separated by blackout curtains, both equipped with red presence light and white light, allowing alternating use. The darkroom itself has 3 work areas that allow the isolated and simultaneous work of developing and enlarging black and white film, as well as washing and drying areas, in air and dryer, of the photographic proofs. The antechamber is prepared for the final bath of the photographs and respective drying. There are 3 light tables for the detailed observation and selection of the negatives, with the help of the respective magnifying glasses.

Room 25, consists of a mini studio, with the possibility of total darkening, equipped with back doors for photography, several sets of portable reflectors/diffusers, and flashes with respective supports.

The remaining material, such as analogue and digital cameras, tripods, lenses and developing chemicals, are provided by the school and are under the care of the audiovisual office.

Room 105 also has two Apple MacPro g3, and three hp z400 workstations. 

The Physical and Natural Sciences laboratory of the School of Education and Communication of the University of Algarve includes multipurpose rooms number 62 and 63, a room for storage of materials and reagents, an office and a space from which you have access to all other spaces mentioned and that we can consider as an atrium.

In terms of organization by areas of knowledge, room 62 is geared towards activities that are developed within the scope of Mathematics and Mathematics Education, Geology and Environmental Studies; room 63 is prepared for experimental and laboratory practices in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Natural Sciences, as well as, all didactic activities related to training in Physical and Natural Sciences Education.

Taking into account the purpose for which they are intended, room 62 has work tables and chairs that can be arranged according to the didactic strategy adopted in each subject and vertical cabinets, from the floor to the ceiling, which cover more than half the wall area of the room and have the support material for activities in the areas of Mathematics and Geology; Room 63 also has tables and chairs with non-fixed disposition and a fixed bench that covers 2/3 of the wall area of the room where are located sinks and water points, gas points and laboratory equipment, being this room destined to the realization of experimental and laboratorial activities in the domains of Physical and Natural Sciences.

Among the material available to support the lessons and training of the students of the Teacher Training and Sports courses, the following stand out: rock collection, maps, solids and geometric figures, materials for measurement, units of measure, mathematical games, optics, kinematics, mechanics and electricity kits, spectrophotometer, thermal baths, scales, two chemistry flow chambers, among others.

In these spaces there is stored a lot of material of current use since many of the practical activities that are developed in these spaces, dedicated to Education in Physical and Natural Sciences, take on different characteristics from the classic laboratory lessons in Biology, Physics or Chemistry, because they try to reproduce or represent phenomena or scientific concepts by performing activities prepared with material of current use. 

There is a support room for the two activity rooms (rooms 62 and 63) with appropriate cabinets for the storage of solid and liquid reagents, taking into account their properties, as well as cabinets for glassware and equipment such as microscopes. The room is equipped with a chemistry fume cupboard allowing the preparation of solutions to support the activities.
The atrium, common to these spaces, is a place of passage but also of permanence for bibliography consultation, meetings between colleagues and between teachers and students, fostering communication between the various areas of knowledge developed in these spaces. It is connected to the office of the laboratory technician who supports all the activities that take place in rooms 62 and 63, which is a huge asset for those who develop their professional activity there.

Technical and Administrative Support

Nome da Responsável: Maria Filomena Luís Salsinha Matias  


Telefone: (+351) 289 800 127 

Aníbal Galvão Zacarias

Isabel Maria Vilela Meneses Leonardo

José Joaquim Chumbinho

Leila dos Reis Nobre Guerreiro

Vera Cristina Silva Vieira Santos




Vítor Nuno do Nascimento Guerreiro 

Telf. voip: 304562

Ext.: 232306

Márcia Alexandra Gomes de Azevedo da Silva

Maria de Fátima Joaquina Ramos de Almeida

Maria Filomena Salvé-Rainha

Maria Manuela Reis Roldão


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Rui Manuel Santos Duarte


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Rosana Corga Fernandes Durão

Comunicação e Divulgação


Support for training, research and development

Continuous training and Lifelong Learning

The Support Unit for Continuous Training and Lifelong Learning aims to provide administrative support in activities directed towards the provision of training for teachers and specialized publics, in articulation with UALG.

This Support Unit is responsible for:

  • Organize the training offers for continuous training and for specialized publics
  • Organizing contacts with external entities in the scope of continuous training and for specialized publics


Research and Development

The purpose of the Research and Development Support Unit is to provide administrative support in the fields of research promotion and university extension, in articulation with the UALG's Scientific Research and Postgraduate Training Support Unit.

This Support Unit is responsible for:

  • To participate, in accordance with the guidelines of the governing bodies of ESEC-UALG, in defining the general and specific principles of a common strategy for the promotion of scientific research
  • To provide technical and administrative support in the creation of necessary instruments and in the definition of appropriate measures to pursue the established research strategy