UAlg opens new CTESP in Design and Multimedia Tecnhnologies

In the next academic year, 2021/2022, the University of Algarve will increase its offer of Higher Professional Technical Courses (CTeSP) with a new course in Design and Multimedia Technologies.

This new CTeSP, taught at the School of Education and Communication (ESEC), aims to create professionals with a comprehensive training in the areas of design and communication, using multimedia technologies as a fundamental principle in their creative process. The Design and Multimedia Technologies technician is a professional able to carry out activities in the production of audiovisual and multimedia communication products and the development of artistic, cultural and technological projects. 

A CTeSP is a study cycle that grants a level 5 higher professional technician diploma of the National Qualifications Framework. It lasts two academic years, consisting of a set of curricular units organized in general and scientific training components, technical training and on-the-job training, which is materialized through an internship. The holder of this diploma may enter the UAlg degree courses, through a special competition designed for them, acquiring the respective academic degree.

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