UAlg to open new CTeSP in "Digital Marketing" and in "Design and Multimedia Technologies

Attentive to the needs of the labor market, the University of Algarve will increase its training offer with two new Higher Technical Professional Courses (CTeSP), already in the next academic year (2021/2022), one in Digital Marketing and another in Design and Multimedia Technologies.

Digital Marketing

The CTeSP in Digital Marketing was created to respond to the growing demand of employers for human resources, providing current and future professionals in the area of digital marketing with broad skills.

This new CTeSP, developed by the School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism (ESGHT), aims to train professionals with skills to plan, manage, execute, monitor and evaluate, within organizations, digital marketing and e-commerce operations, including online campaigns, content on social networks and other digital platforms.

These professionals are expected to acquire skills that allow them to develop strategies for digital content; develop and coordinate digital marketing campaigns; manage the company or organization's social networks; create and manage an e-commerce business; develop and implement email and mobile marketing campaigns, among others.

The curriculum plan was designed with the support of industry professionals, namely Marketing Directors from different organizations.

Design and Multimedia Technologies

The CTeSP in Design and Multimedia Technologies, taught at the School of Education and Communication (ESEC), aims to create professionals with a comprehensive training in the areas of design and communication, using multimedia technologies as a fundamental principle in their creative process.

The Design and Multimedia Technologies technician is a professional able to carry out activities in the production of audiovisual and multimedia communication products and the development of artistic, cultural and technological projects. 

It can integrate technical staff from small and medium-sized companies from various public or private sectors, associations that promote and stimulate culture, municipal theaters, and various cultural facilities, among others, for the development of innovative communication solutions.

A CTeSP is a study cycle that grants a level 5 higher professional technician diploma of the National Qualifications Framework. It lasts two academic years, consisting of a set of curricular units organized in general and scientific training components, technical training and on-the-job training, which is materialized through an internship. The holder of this diploma may enter the UAlg degree courses, through a special competition designed for them, acquiring the respective academic degree.

More information about the CTeSP in Digital Marketing:

More information about the CTeSP in Design and Multimedia Technologies: