UAlg moves up to 6th position nationally in U-Multirank

In the 2022 edition of U-Multirank, UAlg stood out once again, even moving up in the national Top 10, from eighth to sixth position, with the maximum rating of "Very Good" in 10 indicators, and above average in another 10, with a rating of "Good".
Universidade do Algarve

UAlg stands out in the following categories: "International Orientation", "Research" and "Knowledge Transfer", obtaining several "A" classifications in these indicators.

Currently, U-Multirank analyses 2202 universities from 96 countries, 27 of which are Portuguese higher education institutions.

U-Multirank appeared in 2014, is funded by the European Commission and led by CHE - Centre for Higher Education, with the support of the Erasmus + programme.

In the preparation of this ranking is evaluated the performance in the dimensions "Research", "Teaching and Learning", "Knowledge Transfer", "International Orientation" and "Regional Involvement". Within each of these dimensions there is a certain number of performance indicators.

This ranking is funded by the European Union and does not produce an individual ranking for each university, nor league tables. It evaluates universities on a scale from "Very Good" to "Weak", grading them on the various indicators between "A" and "E" respectively. By counting the number of above-average ratings, the overall ranking can be defined.

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