II International Conference: Active Ageing and Education

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Human ageing in its multiple dimensions is one of the greatest social challenges of our time and requires greater attention to the issues related to the quality of life of the elderly. One of the main issues in this Conference is the contribution of education to 'active ageing', or 'positive ageing', or 'successful ageing', which presupposes, as a result, the problematization of these concepts and underlying theories.

Considering that education has focused on the pedagogical intervention with children and adolescents and that the initial education of educators has not gone far beyond the approach to the first phase of the course of life, even when the public of the school is so often the adult who attends specific training programs, it is necessary to question the role of educators in 'active ageing'. The debate includes the implications that this role should have in educating educators so that they can have adequate training to promote human development throughout their lives.


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