Good Practices Award

It aims to distinguish the merit of the members of the Academic Community, teachers and non-teachers, who actively contribute to institutional development, the continuous improvement of the institution's performance and the affirmation of UAlg.


Members of the Academic Community will be admitted: teachers and non-teachers. Each candidate can submit more than one proposal or project. Applications can be subscribed individually or by teams of up to six members.


The “Good Practices” proposed are classified in thematic areas, according to the aspects established in the UAlg Strategic Plan for 2017/2021, namely: Teaching, Research and Development, Community and Governance. Applications that demonstrate that the results contribute in a clear, quantified, current and innovative way to the pursuit of strategic objectives and initiatives and to the indicators established for these aspects will be eligible.

The prize is divided into two categories: 

  • “Good Practice of Excellence”, aimed at the best classified application in each intervention area
  • “Good Practice of Merit”, for applications that stand out for their global merit and impact for the institution's development and quality


The applications are open until September 10, 2021.

Contest Jury

Applications will be evaluated by a panel of evaluators composed of the members of the Quality Assurance Commission. The panel may include specialists in a specific area whenever their contribution to the evaluation of a good practice is justified.

Prize Awarding

The prize will be delivered at a public ceremony.


Regulamento do Prémio Boas Práticas da Universidade do Algarve