Moving Image degree aims to train animators, creative professionals able to exercise a set of activities, in the general framework of visual and audiovisual documents to cinema, television, games and cellphones, supported by languages, methodologies and production systems of illusion and apparent motion. 

The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities

The career opportunities of this degree are:

  • Realization of models and 2D and 3D animations
  • Realization of film and programs generics
  • Catchment, edition and post production of video
  • Conception of animated documents for disclosure of entities and goods
  • Conception and realization of visual effects to the cinema
  • Integration in producing teams of image and video
  • Integration in multimedia communication and new technologies companies
  • Integration in advertising agencies
  • Collaborate with museums and autarchies in the elaboration of cultural products in digital support
  • Realization of teaching activities in professional training
  • Realization of storyboards
  • Realization of views for architecture, scientific experimentation or forensic science
  • Conception of characters and environments for films and programs
  • Conception, design, production and edition of animated documents with application in cinema, theater and video jamming
  • Integration in producing teams of traditional and digital animation cinema
  • Integration in design and communication offices
  • Integration in companies of television communication and audiovisual production
  • Integration in producing companies of computer, console and cellphone games
  • Conception, design, production and edition of animated contents in online (TV, web, mobile devices) and offline (CD and DVD) interactive platforms