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Escola Superior de Educação e Comunicação
Area of Studies
Social Sciences and Education


Who can apply?

Undergraduate or master's degree students from the University of Algarve who, after an interruption in their studies, intend to be re-admitted at UAlg and enroll in the same course or a successive course.

Submission of Applications (2021/22)

Phase 1
06-07-2021 a 23-08-2021 (Complete academic year)
24-08-2021 to 08-09-2021 (Online registration)

Phase 2
02-12-2021 to 14-01-2022 (Only for enrollment in 2nd semester courses)
03 to 28-01- 2022 (Online registration)


50 Euros


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Part-time Students

At the time of registration, the student can apply for the Part-Time Student Scheme, which allows enrollment on a number of course units totaling a maximum of 35 ECTS. The tuition fee for part-time students corresponds to 25% of the tuition fee for the full-time student, plus a variable amount depending on the number of ECTS.

Prerequisite: Group B - Interpersonal communication (see information below)*


* Prerequisite: Group B - Interpersonal communication (Absence of psychic, sensorial or motor deficiency that interferes seriously with the functional capacity and the interpersonal communication capacity to the point of impeding the self or others learning). Form of proof: Medical certificate stating that meets the prerequisite, to be delivered at the time of enrolment and registration in higher education, at the Higher Education Institution that requires it, in case of being placed there, being an indispensable condition for the completion of the enrolment and registration.