Alumni Mentoring Programme

This programme aims, with the help of mentors, to give students access to new opportunities to get to know the labour market and to start their professional network.


This program aims to boost the identification and development of soft skills of the current students of the University of Algarve with the testimony and the help of alumni who have consolidated professional paths.

Alumni Mentors

  • Give their support to the mentees (maximum 3) advising them on academic and professional decisions based on their own experience. They help them to better understand the labor reality, namely in the different career options, leading the mentees to think about their goals and the professional path they intend to follow, so that they can better prepared for entering the labor market.

  • Promote the development of soft skills, as an essential tool in personal and professional development. In this way, they advise the mentees whenever necessary, to undertake an extracurricular experiences or to participate in initiatives conducting to obtain information regarding professional opportunities.

  • They help students accessing new opportunities to learn about the labor market and the possibilities to establish professional network.

How does it work?

The program takes place in the second academic semester, from February to July. However, it may continue after this period, for the 1st and 2nd year students if that is their will. If that is the case, then shall be communicated to the Alumni & Career Office;

The program starts at the launch session, to be held at the beginning of February. In this session, mentors and mentees are introduced and clarifications about the program will be provided, mainly regarding to the objectives and guide lines.

A minimum number of contact hours (10 hours) must be met, through at least two face-to-face meetings. The remaining contacts can be established using digital media.

At the end of July, the mentor shall send to the Alumni & Career Office a final report on the program's operation, highlighting the qualitative assessment of the program's results.

The mentees also send a report highlighting their general opinion regarding the development of the program. In the absence of this submission, certificates of participation will not be issued.


To register as a mentor, please fill out the following form



Alumni and Career Opportunities Office 

University of Algarve

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