Webinar "Exploring the 4 dimensions with Mathematics"

Remote access via Zoom-colibri

On October 26, at 3 pm, the webinar "Exploring the 4 dimensions with Mathematics" will be held, which will be presented by Paulo Carrasco. 

In this lecture, the perception of dimensions by the human being will be focused and discussed, from the one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional space with graphic examples, establishing a connection with mathematical concepts. Then it will be proposed to use mathematics as a tool to explore problems in the multidimensional space.

Aimed at secondary school and university students, the webinar is free of charge, with prior registration until 25 October, to the email: ialves@ualg.pt

The session will be by remote access via Zoom-colibri and is organised by the UAlg Library in Portimão.